Fleurs de Perse (Flowers of Persia)

Fleurs de Perse (Flowers of Persia) is a series of porcelain sculptural paintings by Aida Izadpanah. These works poetically interpret flowers native to Persian gardens and Persian rugs, two significant elements of the artist’s aesthetic upbringing. In revisiting the hyacinth, crocus, rose, and other flowering plants of her youth, Aida embeds them gracefully among her signature abstract forms, emphasizing concepts of hope, tranquility, and rebirth of nature.

All of Aida’s sculptural paintings are hand-made, -fired, and -painted porcelain mounted on wooden boards. She fashions each piece literally from raw blocks of earth: forming, carving, and arranging them in correspondence to the spirit of the moment. Firing pieces multiple times at over 2,000° Fahrenheit, she sometimes incorporates liquid 24 karat gold, which solidifies in her kiln. Each work represents a process and product of aligning energies toward a delicate balance available in the minimalism of the present moment.